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Title See You in 2018! Pyeongchang Winter Olympics/Paralympics Test Event Successful
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○ Support will also be given for the Pyeongchang expedition, cheering campaign, installation of PR items, celebrity cheerleaders, and White Friends (cheering supporters) to promote the Olympics during the remaining time.
○ Reasonable pricing and campaigns for lodging, improvement of lodging and restaurant services and facilities, and operation of an integrated call center are also being planned out.
○ Plans are being made to complete the plans on schedule by building symbolic sculptures that will act as landmarks, installing flags and lights on major streets, repairing old facilities, and improving public restrooms.
○ Traffic issues will be solved by building exclusive lanes for the Olympics, transfer station parking lots (10), shuttle buses, odd-even license plate policies and eradicating illegal parking, and training transportation laborers.
○ The 12 stadiums and 16 road infrastructure must be completed on schedule as well. Issues found during the test event must be resolved promptly, and infrastructure projects such as stadium ramps, etc. are scheduled to be completed by November.