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Title Gangwon Namul Bap
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“Gangwon Namul Bap,” Seasoned Vegetable Rice Bowl of Gangwon-do:
Development into a Frozen Rice Product for the Global Market


Gangwon Namul Bap, seasoned vegetables rice bowl, is a food that represents Gangwon-do made with four vegetables including Korean thistle, which is produced in the province, as well as shiitake mushroom and other ingredients. This traditional dish is now developed into a frozen rice product that can be consumed conveniently, in order to promote the culinary culture of Gangwon-do for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games and expand its presence in the global market.


The new frozen Gangwon Namul Bap is different from conventional instant rice bowl products in that it enables consumers to enjoy a delicious meal without having to prepare additional side dish to accompany the rice.


In particular, Gangwon Namul Bap is unique compared to other frozen rice products in the market in that it is made with Oryun Rice, Oryun Potato and four fresh mountain vegetables (aster scaber, ragwort, thistle, and cow parsnip) produced in Gangwon-do.



The provincial government plans to establish a domestic sales network composed of large grocery stores and food service in the military and school systems. Furthermore, in order to promote Gangwon Namul Bap to the world, the government will work to support production and global distribution, supplying the product as in-flight meals and to other clients.


Nutritious rice bowl containing four mountain vegetables, potato, and shiitake mushroom from Gangwon-do

Convenient breakfast for busy modern people

Simple alternative meal for for one

Convenient diet food with LOW calories