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Title Taking the First step into execution the Eurasia Initiative
The name of maker Gangwon-do Registration date 2016-12-21 Number of hits 12439 Phone
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Taking the First step into execution the Eurasia Initiative

Trans-Gangwon Railway Linking Seoul and Sokcho!
- Project Details: 93.7km single-line railroad between Chuncheon and Sokcho
- Project Budget: KRW2.063 trillion
- Project Duration: 8 years
- Operated Cars: Express train (250km/h) (36 runs a day connecting Seoul, Chuncheon, and Sokcho)

Eurasia Initiative: By connecting the largest single continent in the world and the largest market in Eurasia, the initiative aims to facilitate economic cooperation between the countries and generate jobs. In addition, leading these Eurasian countries to pressure North Korea to open up will alleviate the tension on the Korean Peninsula, thereby constructing the basis for unification of North and South Korea.

Trans-Gangwon Railway is a thirty-year project of building a bridge for the Province of Gangwon-do, linking the west and east of the Korean Peninsula.

Seoul-Sokcho connected within 75 minutes

Incheon Airport
Incheon Airport Express Railway
70.8km / 36 minutes

Seoul (Yongsan)
Section 1 (Gyeongchun Line) 98km / 50 minutes

Section 2 (Express Railway) 94km / 25 minutes

End of the line

In addition, the railway will link the north and the south on the Korean Peninsula, alleviating the tension in the land.

When the railway is completed in 2024, it can be connected to the Northeast Passage linking Sokcho Port, the Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and Europe (or North America), establishing a ground and seaborne logistics route that reduces logistics cost.

Gangwon-do will put all of its efforts to bring the province closer to Europe.