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Title What is Gangwon-do? Come if you're curious!
The name of maker Gangwon-do Registration date 2016-12-20 Number of hits 11045 Phone
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What is Gangwon-do? Come if you're curious!
Sitting on a sunny spot where shimmering warmth rises,
we take a comfortable nap.
enjoying the beauty of spring:
It is the season in Gangwon-do.

Cheombeong, cheombeong, splash:
The sound is refreshing and invigorating.
Summer travel to Gangwon, enjoying the clear streams and oceans:
Gangwon-do, where the splashing noise is cool to my ears.

   ※ cheombeong cheombeong: Korean onomapotopoetic splashing noise.
Between the leaves dancing in the mountain breeze,
squirrels and little critters run about.
I feel myself gradually entering this circle of life.
The clear breeze makes me want to take it back in a sack.
Gangwon-do, a place I want to bring home.

Unbelievably beautiful winter snow fields and mountains in Gangwon-do makes me blurt out without even thinking:
"It is beyond beautiful! I don't know what I would do if it melted?""
Gangwon-do is wonderful!