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Title GIT International Trade & Investment Expo GIT EXPO 2016
The name of maker Gangwon-do Registration date 2016-05-13 Number of hits 10935 Phone
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1. Business Hallyu Festival in Northeast Asia, GTI International Trade & Investment Expo (GTI EXPO 2016)

2. Every year in Gangwon Province, local governments and CEOs from Northeast Asia paricipate in the greatest expo of the region, for the economic cooperation, investment, trade consultation and sales, “GTI International Trade & Investment Expo”.

3. The 4th GTI EXPO will be held at the Expo Park in Sokcho City, Gangwon Province from October 13 to October 16, 2016 (4days)
   ∙500 Companies, 1,000 buyers and 5,000 business delegations are participating from over 10 countries including GTI members (China, Mongolia, Korea, Russia) and Japan.
   ∙The Expo takes place in Sokcho, be-loved tourists destination with Seorak mountain and the east coast.

4. The Data Proves the increasing Participation and Significance of the GTI EXPO.
  - Participating Companies:520 companies('13) → 550 companies('14) → 650 companies('15)
  - Participating Nations : 10 nations('13) → 10 nations('14)→15 nations('15)
  - No. of Visitors:40,000 visitors('13) → 50,000 visitors('14) → 70,000 visitors('15)
  - Export consultation amount:48.62 mill USD('13) → 267.31 mill USD('14) → 357.00 mill USD('15)
   ※ On-site sales 2.28 billion KRW in 2015

5. GTI EXPO has become a platform for local businesses to launch toward domestic and international markets.
  ∙Exporting Kimchi to Taiwan through the GTI EXPO: Wonju Kimchi Company D
  ∙Singing an export contract at GTI EXPO: Yanggu Alcoholic Beverage Company S
  ∙Singing 40 business agreements and establishing cooperative relationship among Chinese Huanqiu Federation, Korea China Regional Economy Association and domestic corporations in 2015

6. Why Northeast Asia is fiscinated with the GTI EXPO?
 ○ The GTI EXPO is an international expo that is hosted under the cooperation and support from many Northeast Asian countries. It is a place for establishing a business network in Northeast Asia and a festival of business Hallyu, satisfying the participating companies and visitors with high-quality products, events, cultural performances, etc.
 ○ Main Events in 2016
  - Oct. 13(Thu.): Opening Ceremony, Leaders Summit of the World Federation of Korean Association of Commerce, Trade & Investment Consultation, the three-night events(Night Market, Night Performance and Night Sales)
  - Oct. 14–15(Fri.–Sat.): Trade & Investment Consultation, Products Sales Promotional Events, FTA-related business promotion booth
  - Oct. 16(Sun.): Trade & Investment Consultation, Products Sales Promotional Events, Awarding for Outstading Products
   ※ Areas: Well-being & Health Care, Environment-friendly & Clean Food, Bio, Medical Device, Beauty, Tourism Promotion

7. Want to march into the new market? Come to GTI EXPO 2016!
  -Registration: from March 1 to May 31, 2016
  -How to Register: Fill out registration form and submit via e-mail or fax
  -E-mail :
  -Tel : +82-33-249-2949
  -Fax : +82-33-249-4021